Reading tips!

FCE tips: reading part 2: gapped text

  • The first thing you should always do is cross off the missing sentence that has been given as an example. It's amazing how often candidates waste time trying to fit this in elsewhere.
  • Get into the habit of underlining the language that helps them complete the task (e.g. expressions like 'after that'), and then underline the language that it refers/ links to (e.g. 'the birthday party').

  • As always, if you don't know you should guess, as a blank space is always zero points and there are no deductions for guesses.
  • There is nothing really to be gained from filling in the missing sentences in the same order as the text, so it is always best to start with the one you feel most sure about after having read through all of the gapped text and the missing bits (and having underlined the relevant parts, of course).

Now get ready to practise! Reading gapped text