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new_star_e0.gif Vocabulary: Interactive exercises

* Expressions with 'Memory'

* Expressions with 'Give', 'Have' and 'At'

* Expressions with 'Put'

* Expressions with 'Come'

Phrasal verbs - Interactive quiz

Crimes, criminals and punishments

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Phrasal verbs 1-2: Interactive exercise




Interactive listening

Listen to the speakers in the listening activity from Module 7B and complete this interactive quiz:

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Vocabulary: Ways of eating and drinking


Ways of eating

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Wonderful sentences written by my CAE students

1. As I am a person, I prefer to be with other people rather than alone.
2. At school I hated sports so I always tried to avoid them. OUT
At school I hated sports so I always them.
3. I tried to make Peter change his mind about his decision to drop college, but he had already set his heart this job offer. DOWN
I tried to make Peter _, but he had already set his heart on this job offer.
4. If you want to be an actress, being talented can take you…
A. away B. far C. up D. back
5. Yesterday I saw children doing their homework on their own; it brought back childhood memories and it really _ a chord.
Studying something that you don't really like would make it harder in the long run.

River has had a run of bad luck lately.

Jamie Oliver got a name for being the healthiest cook in the UK.

When I worked as a waiter, I counted on tips to supplement my wages.

I'm still managing to put up with my residence period.

Mercedes is always giving us a good deal of homework to do.

I'm always received with an outburst__ of happiness by my dog.

Michael Jackson's death caused an outbreak of deception among all his fans who were going to attend his concert.

I like swimming from time to time.

My sister landed a job at an important business.

I finished my CAE exam in no time.

Hollywood stars that know how to touch...your heart!

Let's practise vocabulary with the help of these CAE stars.

Time to practise!

Click here and do an online exercise to review vocabulary. Do the sentences ring any bell?

Choose two expressions/words and write an example.

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duckCelebrities have to duck to avoid being attacked by fans.
external image monday.jpg

Even teachers, sometimes, can suffer from Mondayitis.
external image article-1089711-02A1163D000005DC-405_468x377.jpg

Friends are always there to clutch you to their shoulders when necessary.
external image 1215629787708_f.jpg

a noisy crowd of peopleDoña Florinda used to tell Kiko not to hang out with the rabble.
external image 32109-clipart-illustration-of-a-quality-control-rejected-stamp-of-a-red-x-in-a-circle-on-a-white-background.jpg
be turned down flat
external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQ8g5HrWdp6hNvz9oP-OlsG_hJKEIoV_mrowI7p7bvZHiVDgftK&t=1

heap praise on sb

He heaped praise on his grandfather.
external image 4409005-vista-de-cerca-de-un-ni-o-caprichoso-con-los-brazos-cruzados-aisladas-sobre-un-fondo-blanco.jpg
on a whim
I decided on a whim to go to one-year course abroad.
external image international-travel_clip_image002.jpg

set your heart on (sth)
I set my heart on studying to become a lawyer, and I haven't looked back ever since.
external image Shy_Boy_Giving_a_Girl_a_Valentine_Royalty_Free_Clipart_Picture_090418-141576-070042.jpg

pluck up courage (to do sth)
I had to pluck up courage to sit for an international exam in London last January.
external image editors-choice-missing-out-on-job-opp.jpg

miss out on

I feel like I missed out on beautiful moments for being worried about unimportant things.
external image Bounce-BackPaddleBall-500A.jpg

bounce backTom had a lot of problems in his job, but he's always managed to bounce back.
external image BarbieIsOlderThanYouThink.jpg

getting on

Lately I’ve been feeling I’m getting on really fast.