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Reading: Online test new_star_e0.gif

Click on each section below to do an interactive reading paper.



Download a printed version of the reading test:

Read this writing guide for useful language

Use of English: Online exercises

Click on each section below to practise online.

Part 1


Part 2


Part 3


Part 4


Part 5


Answer keys

Module 4 review: Answer key

Printable practice tests

Download the document for extra exam practice. You will find two different tests, each with its corresponding answer key.

Go to Exam Practice for a complete online reading test.

Keep your brain brain gym! external image ani.brain.gif

What is the Multiple Intelligences theory?

Animated_arrow2.gif Do you have a strong musical intelligence? Or are you more logical-mathematical? Do this online test and find out which are your strongest intelligences!

Care for a better world

Are you into social networks such as Facebook or Twitter? Would you like to join a different type of social network and try to make the world a better place? Then click on the icon below and join millions of activists from all over the world. There are many causes to fight for: human rights, education, animal welfare, environmental issues and more!

Thanks √Āngeles for submitting the website link!


You may also want to try this reading test:


Practise listening while having a good laugh. Watch Newsbeat's Odd Box from the BBC.

Check out the week's 10 weirdest videos that'll crack you up.


Food for thought...

Thanks Lucila!

Break time: Song!

A trip to Ayers Rock, Australia.

After watching the video, turn to page... in your coursebook and do the writing task.

Click on the video and get ready to complete the lyrics online! Choose Intermediate mode. Or are you brave enough to choose the Advanced mode?



Brain gym exercises

A video worth watching. Thanks Lucila P. Coimbra for your contribution!

Online daily lesson

Module 2A

Module 1A

Advanced Expert CAE audio files

Coursebook Module 1, Speaking (pages 16-17)

The listening file (page 15) couldn't be uploaded because it exceeds the maximum file size allowed in this wiki.

Lay vs lie

new_star_e0.gifCAE: Words and expressions

Here are several printable exercises to review collocations, phrasal verbs and idioms.

Answer key

Vocabulary for speaking

Vocabulary: Ways of eating and drinking


Ways of eating

Have a look at this complete glossary.

Let's play with personality adjectives.

Modules 1 - 2: Revision game!

How much vocabulary do you remember from module 3? Click on the card and find out!


Internet slang dictionary Do you want to find out what JAS or LOL mean? Click on the image below and find out!


Vocabulary videos


Are you a good sibling? Click on the image and find out!